In cooperation with 3M ESPE™, selected machine models from imes-icore equipped with the CAM software program hyperDENT® from FOLLOW-ME! have been certified for the processing of 3M ESPE Lava™ materials.

You now have the opportunity to expand your range of materials by offering also high-quality Lava restorations.

The cooperation of these three companies and their brand-name products will make the 3M ESPE Lava materials, which are highly valued by dental technicians and dentists, available to a larger group of users. The OEM version of hyperDENT, known as Lava Design CAM Module, has long been used for the simple and efficient processing of Lava materials in Lava milling machines. Effective immediately, your options have been enhanced.

You can get the hyperDENT Lava™ Edition, a hyperDENT version officially approved by 3M ESPE which can process 3M ESPE Lava materials in frames as well as all other materials available on the market (whether puck or block format).

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