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What are the hardware requirements for hyperDENT?

PC configuration

CD-drive:  x

Processor (minimum):   Intel 805

Processor (recommended):  Intel Core i7-980X

RAM memory (minimum):   2 GB

RAM memory (recommended):  8 GB

Graphics card (at least):  OpenGL-compliant graphics card

Graphics card (recommended):   NVIDEA with 256 MB, such as Quadro FX

Error-free operation cannot be guaranteed when using other graphics cards

What are the Software Requirements for hyperDENT?

Operating Systems

  • Windows® Vista
  • Windows® 7

To ensure an error-free data exchange within hyperDENT®  and hyperVIEW, the User Account Control has to be deactivated in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

To this purpose, proceed as follows: Click Start > Control panel and enter the string User Account Control in the search field. Deactivate the option in the dialogue displayed. Then close the dialogue.


What should I do when I get the omBof error message?

Error origin:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 is not installed.


Installation of Microsoft C++ 2005 SP1


If C++2005 SP1 does not solve the problem please add also Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC

What should I do when I get the error message: Global settings are corrupt, missing or inaccessible, hyperDENT will close?

Settings are corrupt

Error message:

Settings are corrupt message





Error origin:

In a crash or irregular shutdown of hyperDENT it may happen that the file settings.xml, which is normally updated when you quit, will be damaged.



Delete the settings.xml file in the file path:

  C:\user\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\hyperDENT

(Info: AppData is a hidden file!)

hyperDENT starts with the default settings. Important => check the general settings in hyperDENT, especially file paths!

If a copy of settings.xml is available, copy it into the folder!

Note: Regularly update a copy of the settings.xml

After reading the backed-up copy hyperDENT starts again with the saved settings.


Error Messages

1) Errors in connection to anti-virus scans

Error message:

– Error: Cannot open Toolpath file c:\…..\tmp.pof

– cyrun-Error/Abort

– Zyklus unerwartet beendet


To ensure proper operation the following folders must be excluded from the antivirus scan.

Work directory:

Work directory






Temporary directory:

Temporaer Verzeichnis






N.B: At the moment the antivirus software WEBROOT is unable to allow you to select folders to be excluded from the antivirus scan. We recommend that you use an antivirus software that allows you to exclude folders.

CAD / CAM Download

hyperDENT® Implant Components

Download CAD libraries

Have you installed the necessary CAD library? Download your library here:


Dental Wings


Download CAM libraries

Have you purchased the CAM library and hyperDENT® license? An update of an existing hyperDENT® license is required.

Biomet 3I Certain

Camlog Screwline

Dentsply Sirona Xive

Nobel Biocare Active

Nobel Biocare Branemark

Nobel Biocare Replace

Straumann Bonelevel

Straumann SynOcta

Please note: Scanbodies, screwdriver and CAM libraries must be purchased here first: Product Catalogue




To help us better assist you with your issues, we may require you to share your screen with us via remote control.

If so, please click on the link below to be directed to our Teamviewer download.

→ FOLLOW-ME! Teamviewer

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