hyperDENT V9.2 Release Updates

Our development team has been working continuously on a variety of new functions and improvements which have been included in the new hyperDENT Version 9.2. The primary goalas to significantly accelerate your workflow. In addition to numerous enhancements and improvements to standard functions, you will find many new and revised functions in the new version V9.2. These will help speed up internal workflows thereby saving time and money.
That’s how to make work more fun!

hyperDENT® V9.2 Release Highlights

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Attention hyperDENT Experts!

Take advantage of our Easter Offer and upgrade your old hyperDENT license to a hyperDENT Compact NEW license. This special offer is valid from today until Easter Monday (05. April).

Our customers and partners are continuously striving for a more efficient and less time intensive production of parts. FOLLOW-ME! wants to help you achieve this goal and offer even more by ensuring that hyperDENT is developed with a view towards the future.

You will save time and money due to the high level of automation in your milling process.

Looking back on earlier versions, our aspirations are clear. Although we set standards for digital dental production then, the current hyperDENT generation marks a big milestone in our company history.

left: hyperDENT earlier – right: hyperDENT today

The hyperDENT Compact user interface is designed to match user requirements completely. Increased automation is achieved by the greatly simplified interface as well as the guided workflow. The project calculation can be completed in only three steps with the current processing step always in view.




IDS 2021
22.09. – 25.09.2021, Cologne / Germany

DenTech China 2021
03.11. – 06.11.2021, Shanghai / China

16.11. – 19.11.2021, Frankfurt / Germany

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