FOLLOW-ME! Technology is today announcing further expansion across Europe with the setup of its’ new subsidiary FOLLOW-ME! Technology South East Europe Srl.

The establishment of this new subsidiary, will now allow hyperDENT® customers in South East Europe to be better serviced. FOLLOW-ME! Managing Director Arnaldo Freddi states: “To launch a FOLLOW-ME! entity especially for this market was the next logical step in our growth path. We can now focus on specific service and support requirements for our hyperDENT customers in this region, with a dedicated team of dental experts.”

FOLLOW-ME! CEO, Dr. Ferdinand Schwenkert, explains: “Arnaldo Freddi and his team have been working for OPEN MIND Italy as a hyperMILL® dealer for many years now. They have been able to significantly build up a customer base alongside an outstanding  reputation for our hyperDENT brand. We are very pleased to have formed this new FOLLOW-ME! subsidiary together with them and to now offer our customers in this region even more.”

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