Dental Direkt Staff Photo

Co-operation between two of Germany’s strongest contenders in the dental market

FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group is announcing its partnership with one of Germany’s largest dental material suppliers Dental Direkt.

Based in Spenge, in the North West of Germany, Dental Direkt has been in operation since 1997 and distributes on a world-wide basis.  The new found partnership will not only assist in the strengthening of the sales and distribution channels of both companies, but also contribute to the fortification of the German dental market itself on an international scale.  “We are of course very content that this co-operation between two of Germany’s strongest contenders in the dental market has come about.  Together, we will in effect strengthen the market presence of both brands in the domestic and international dental markets,” said Dr. Ferdinand Schwenkert CEO of FOLLOW-ME! Technology Group.

The agreement for the partnership came about due to the confidence that each brand possesses in the dental market.  “Ultimately we were looking for a trustworthy CAM partner that could assist our customers in introducing stability & reliability in to their dental workflow.  We are confident that with the combination of support and service quality that FOLLOW-ME! delivers, our customers will also be pleased,” explained Gerhard De Boer, Managing Partner, Dental Direkt.

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