hyperDENT V 8.2

Please note: The V8.2 Update is only accessible for clients who have purchased maintenance (as of 15.09.2018).

There will be no change to your existing Ticket ID – you can continue using it. The update can be installed either using the USB stick provided in the hyperDENT box or via the FTP server download. Details can be found in the What’s New file, which is now part of the Handbook and replaces the ReadMe file. If you require additional support or have questions regarding functions or the installation, please contact our Support Team: support@fm-dental.com


hyperDENT What´s New


Hybrid Module Hybrid Module
Hybrid manufacturing is a combination of additive and subtractive technologies which enables the production of previously non-millable dental indications. The Hybrid Module controls laser sintering machines that produce complex geometries as well as inner cavities in high quantities and with very high surface quality while using minimal materials.



Template Generator LiteTemplate Generator Lite
The “Template Generator Lite” function allows the modification of approved parameters, thereby influencing the toolpath calculation to a limited extent. This function is included in both Compact and Classic licenses.



Engraving Engraving
The engraving function simplifies the identification of parts after manufacturing. The engraving can be placed manually for individual parts using the symbol in the workflow menu or automatically using parameters under consideration of material-dependent profiles.





Undercut display

Undercut display
The undercut display provides an improved overview of the parts. Undercuts can be displayed directly and permanently for targeted milling via user-defined areas, for example.






Equator line for connector placement

Equator line for connector placement
To improve the manual placement of connectors, an equator line is displayed in green.






Loading of existing blanks without a project file

Loading of existing blanks without a project file
A reference photo can be loaded for existing blanks without a project file. This enables the milling of disks provided by third-parties which have already been started.






Enhanced preform machining Enhanced preform machining   Enhanced preform machining





Enhanced preform machining
Preform abutments with improved surface quality are achieved in the closed fixture with the expansion of jobs and strategies. The selected area is machined either from above or below using the 3D or 5X strategy.



Reduced calculation time
The calculation time is significantly reduced due to the optimized cycles of the toolpath calculation.


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