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CAMcube – Connecting dental professionals through a smart patient-centric platform

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, CAMcube is a leading provider of prosthetic solutions and services and is committed to helping dental professionals worldwide improve their patients’ health with clinically proven restorations. CAMcube seamlessly connects dental clinics to manufacturing centers using a platform that covers all key resources needed to deliver a high-quality prosthetic: software, equipment and materials. The CAMcube platform’s cornerstone is a product-lifecycle-management (PLM) software based on the aerospace industry’s best practices. It manages the life-cycle of dental cases from diagnostic to final treatment. The groundbreaking approach facilitates the sharing and transfer of clinical data, while improving communication and decision-making processes. As key components of its platform, CAMcube has developed fabrication equipment. The M10 is a compact and easy-to-use chairside device, while the M30 is a highly productive and versatile machine.


  • „„Complete workflow management with PLM software
  • „„Complete CAD/CAM systems and consumables for clinics and production centers
  • „Milling machines

CAMCube M10 for chairside fabrication

CAMcube M10

CAMCube M30 for high-level productivity

CAMcube M30

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