3 from front Spain office launches at Expodental, Madrid

A fourth European based FOLLOW-ME! office has opened in Spain.  Located in the sunny coastal town of Valencia, the opening of the office has been due to an increase in country-wide demand of dental CAM software.  This opening is shy of just one year after the last European office opening in Milan, Italy.

The Spanish subsidiary will be headed by FOLLOW-ME! Technology, South East Europe Managing Director, Arnaldo Freddi, together with Application Engineer, Agustin Ripoll.

“Many of our customers based in Spain seeking to consolidate technical support and market presence with us.  On top of this there are many interesting players in the dental market here in Spain,” explains Freddi.  “A lot of innovative companies here are starting to see significant growth in the global market.  We also started getting a lot of inquiries from companies seeking to partner with a dental CAM provider, so we decided to scope for an Application Engineer who understands the market needs and is able to communicate in the local language.  To our luck, we found Mr. Ripoll who has several years of industry experience.”

Agustin Ripoll

Agustin Ripoll

Ripoll experienced his office’s official launch to the Spanish market at the recent and completely booked out Expodental in Madrid.  “It was a great experience to have been able to launch our Spain office at such a crowded event.  It was perfect timing to be able to communicate that FOLLOW-ME! now has an office in Spain; ready to take on new partnerships with the implementation of our hyperDENT® software in the dental market,” said Ripoll.

“We are thoroughly looking forward to solidifying our current partnerships, as well as forming new ones that will see many more new dental innovations come out of the Spanish market,” concluded Ripoll.



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