Complete CAM software integration in exocad

exocad ChairsideCAD, in combination with hyperDENT exocad Connect, offers a seamless CAM connection on all applicable machines for the direct production of dental restorations.

No CAM experience is required to process the resulting dental restorations, as hyperDENT exocad Connect works fully automatically in the background of exocad ChairsideCAD.

hyperDENT exocad chairside hyperDENT exocad Connect guarantees high-quality and precise manufacturing with optimal results throughout the entire work process – from the intraoral scan to the finished product. The user can choose from predefined quality levels which range from “Fast” and “Normal” to “Highly detailed”.

“Our powerful ChairsideCAD software, which recently received the prestigious Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Award for the second time in the USA, is characterized by a high degree of automation and user-friendly workflow,” explains Novica Savic, CCO at exocad, and continues: “The integration of hyperDENT offers users the highest degree of flexibility and performance for restorations in only one patient session.”

All machine manufacturers are also offered the option to integrate into the exocad ChairsideCAD and hyperDENT exocad Connect interface and to adapt it to their own requirements.

Experienced CAD/CAM dental technician:
“This is the next step towards cross-platform scanning and manufacturing in the dental industry. The user has the freedom to freely select the machine and applications for high-end manufacturing and to combine them into one workflow”.

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hyperDENT exocad chairside hyperDENT exocad chairside


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